sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2014

19th of September, 2014 ... And it was a NO

Photo from London, Scotland and Salisburyvg.jpg

The moment I woke up today I turned on BBC to know what had happened. They are four hours ahead and I knew the results would be on. I posted the news after reading about some of the political changes and repercussions. Thinking about my ancestors  - My grandma was Armstrong, an English family with likelihood of Scottish roots - about all the history I had learned in my last trip and the love I have always had for London I did not feel happy nor sad.  

Photo from Sep 8, 2014.jpg
(Armstrong Tartan)

Scots will always be Scots as much as English will always be English. They are different countries and different cultures. For the YES holders, even if feeling defeated, should keep proud of their origins and their uniqueness​, it is not something that can be taken from them.  Easy for me to say? Probably yes, but this feeling grew stronger after walking the Highlands, mirroring in the Lochs, listening to the music, observing the paths and patterns… lovely Scotland!

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