segunda-feira, 26 de abril de 2010

Of Dreams and Dragons.....

Everybody has dreams and ideas. Some are ideas that become dreams,
some are illusions, challenges which are feasible or not. It does not
matter how they are born but what we can do of them. I call mine
dragons, as powerful and threatening, glamorous and charming dragons
can be. Who hasn't fallen for "The last one" in Sean Connery's voice?
Whatever the case, fighting against them is always a mistake. Fire and
smoke... strength and power... they can crush you without warning.
Surrender is not that good either. You can spend a whole life waiting
to see them fly in all their glory and die without any glimpse of it.
The smell of the smoke, the uncomfortable presence of the unknown. The
best solution is to tame the beast. Have you ever imagined yourself
being able to fly the highest skies and being able to see the wonders
of the conquered land?

Two weeks ago, John Carpenter, a friend, recommended me a book called "The Dream Manager", by Matthew Kelly. It is about "thinking" your employees, about commitment and relevance. But it is, most of all, about people and their dreams. It's been ages working and talking to and about people, their uniqueness, source of teachers' and bosses' inspiration and desperation, so different they are! People hold different universes inside: undeniable truth! And if an opportunity to make dreams possible is made available, commitment can be forged. I know skepticism and comfort zone walk together, but having an educator's heart, I keep saying: people are fascinating and able of changing - yes, they are! We cannot make other people's jobs, and motivation is one-self's responsibility, but we can offer opportunities and consulting.
Some sentences from the book:
"The employees know things about our business that we don't know."

"Isn't one of the primary responsibilities of all relationships to help each other fulfill our dreams?"

"Help your employees in the direction of their dreams and you will create the most dynamic environment in Corporate America!"
"Don't be afraid to take a big step if it is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."

Well, let's manage dreams!!!