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Social Media Convention Oxford- 18th September 2009

Being able to attend this Convention was a great opportunity. As you can see in the picture, people would twitter or "twitta" (mention to the British accent) during the time the panelists were discussing the evolution, impact and potential of Social Media.

I selected some panelists and participants quotes I'd like to share and discuss with people who are also interested in the subject and possible links to Entrepreneurship Education which it certainly holds.

"If you remove the need to obtain permission people will do exciting things"
Bill Thompson (BBC Billboard)

"If you find yourself in competition to the internet, find your way out"
Richard Sanbrook ( member of BBC's Executive Direction Board and BBC's Journalism Board

"The battle is for attention, anyway!"
Nigel Shadbolt (Artificial Intelligence Professor - University of Southampton)

"It's reconfiguring how we do things, how we communicate to people!"
William Dutton (Director of the Oxford Internet Studies)
and his comment on the popular saying and engineers' view:
"If it ain't broken, don't fix it" versus "If it ain't broken it ain't enough features"

"From all points of society people can be heard."
"If you post at the internet you will be heard - false!"
Matthew Hindman ( professor of political science at Arizona State University)

It seems we are still playing around like Bill Thompson said. The world is in the process of getting smaller through interconnections and infinitively bigger through information access. I have the impression we are recreating our lives, businesses, relations in this other space, in this other media. If values, behaviour, political and social commitments will change due to this new environment or if the new environment is the consequence of its change is open for discussion. What came first?
Social Media, so what?

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Looking to the future, speakers from industry, media and academia looked forwards to identify the trends and developments which will most likely shape our experience of these technologies in the next ten years.

Plenary Sessions:
- From weblogs to Twitter: how did we get to where we are today and what are the main impacts to date?
- Social media, so what? Assessing the impact of blogging and social media
- Blogging at 20: The future of blogs and social media
Parallel Sessions
- Breaking news: the changing relationship between blogs and mainstream media
- Making science public: data-sharing, dissemination and the public engagement with science
- The growth of the corporate blog
- Parties, campaigns and representation: the political impact of blogs and social media

This Convention was organised in collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Said Business School."
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