segunda-feira, 18 de outubro de 2010

Tropa de Elite 2 - The Elite Squad 2

Ontem assisti Tropa de Elite 2, crítica acirrada ao Sistema, verdade escancarada na frente de todos! O povo aplaude quando termina o filme e fiquei pensando: aplaude o quê? A liberdade de expressão? A possibilidade de existirem pessoas com capacidade de lutar por seus ideais a qualquer custo? ..Ou o alivio que proporciona o político e o policial corrupto irem virtualmente parar atrás das grades ? "Ainda vai demorar muito para as coisas mudarem", anuncia o protagonista pressentindo a resistência à mudança de um povo acomodado nas poltronas do cinema e do poder, acumulado pelo "Sistema" .
Tenho falado muito sobre como trabalhar nossos sonhos... mas às vezes precisamos encarar alguns pesadelos também.

O filme, e ótimo! A atuação de Wagner Moura, excellente !

I saw The Elite Squad 2, hard criticism on the "System", the truth on everybody's faces! People clap and sheer in the end of the movie and I wonder: What are they cheering for? Free expression? The existence of people who are able to fight for their ideals at any price?...Or the relief we feel when corrupt politicians and policemen are virtually arrested? "Things will not change soon", announces the main actor who forecasts the resistance to change of a population comfortably seated in the movie theatre and in power, pilled up by the "System".
I have been talking a lot about how to work and develop our dreams... it seems we need to face some of our nightmares, though.

The movie is great! Wagner Moura's performance is excellent!

quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010

Biodata in English Perfil em Inglês

Liane Grassi holds a Bachelor’s of Arts and a Post-Graduate degree in Business Management from Unicenp. She holds a Master’s degree of Strategic Business Administration from PUC Paraná. In the UK, she studied at Ardmore School in Maidenhead, did classroom observation of her peers and attended the teacher training course at International House and London School of English in Business English. She was a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language for the International Relations course at Universidade Tuiuti. As a consultant, she assists company to assess their current situation, entrepreneurial potential and helps them redesign their organizational strategies. She focuses on entrepreneurial and learning culture, whereby companies are called to redesign their processes and to take an innovative approach to their features, thus becoming learning organizations. She is also the founder and director of On The Road Curso de Idiomas since 1993. She gives workshops and lectures on Motivation and Educational Entrepreneurship as an associate-lecturer of Oxford University Press, and teaches Business in English courses sponsored by AMCHAM (Brazil-United States Chamber of Commerce).

quarta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2010

Why do young companies die? Por que empresas jovens morrem?

Businesses mortality is one of the favorite subjects of Management magazines, consultancy companies, students and professors. I have come across the same explanations in most articles and discussions on this subject: lack of planning, business knowledge, difficulties in leading with growth and family crisis (when it is a family business) among others. However, risk tolerance and the “illusion” of an easy way of getting wealthy as an entrepreneur are hardly ever mentioned .

I like to allude to dreams as glamorous dragons when referring to entrepreneurship, and do believe our dreams are never plain and do deserve this sort of comparison. But achieving them is hard work; no free lunches; no guarantees of a steady income in the end of the month. I talked to several people who alleged giving up their adventures after six months or a year because the venture was not worth the profit, that they could not make a living out of it. Well, let's analyze it: there is the investment- the venture capital, the market recognition work, the competitors... yes, all should be part of the business plan. But what is the real reason for such instant frustration?

The entrepreneur is, in fact, mythical, famous for being a genius or a lucky person, sort of a Midas who whatever touches turns into gold. Yes, he has vision, takes risks and seizes opportunities, but not everything works just fine. His passion and will of making his dream come true makes him keep going, and even after many failures, he finds himself two jobs, raises some capital to reinvest in his dream and motivates people to join him.

I believe the market lacks entrepreneurship courses rooted in the every day reality of the entrepreneur, where case studies shown will be the ones of the bakery and drugstore at the corner, or about friends and acquaintances that create or are creating success. How did Jefferson's consultancy company was born? How about Felipe and Karen's Mistralis? And Romanha? Vapza?

I know a lot of people and their companies and decided to become a story teller. I will need your help, though. Tell me your stories and I promise I will post and translate them. Let's go international!


Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore -

And then run?

Does it sink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over? -

like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags

like a heavy load.

Or does is explode?

A mortalidade das empresas é um dos assuntos favoritos de revistas de administração, consultorias especializadas, alunos e professores. Tenho encontrado as mesmas explicações na maioria dos artigos e debates a respeito: falta de planejamento, conhecimento do negócio, inexperiência em lidar com o crescimento, crises familiares (no caso de empresas familiares) entre outros. Mas a tolerância ao risco e a ilusão de enriquecer facilmente como empresário são poucas vezes comentadas.

Gosto de me referir aos sonhos como dragões glamorosos quando falo de empreendedorismo, e realmente acredito que nossos sonhos nunca são banais e merecem toda essa pompa. Agora, é trabalho duro, sem muita folga, sem a certeza de faturamento igual todo final de mês. Muitas pessoas com quem converso que desistiram de suas aventuras alegam não ter dado certo pois em seis meses ou um ano ainda não estavam tirando um lucro que valesse a pena. Vejamos: há o investimento inicial, o trabalho de reconhecimento do mercado, os concorrentes... sim, isso tudo poderia fazer parte de um planejamento inicial, mas o que causa tamanha frustração?

O empreendedor é de fato um ser mitificado, que recebe a fama de gênio e sortudo, aquele Midas que em tudo que toca vira ouro. Sim, ele tem visão, corre riscos, aproveita as oportunidades no momento certo, mas nem sempre tudo dá certo. Aquela paixão, o sonho e a vontade de conseguir realizar o sonho é o que o faz prosseguir, e após várias quedas tentar novamente, arrumar dois empregos, levantar um capital extra para reinvestir no sonho, motivar outros e seguir com ele. Acredito que faltam cursos de empreendedorismo mais pautados na realidade do empreendedor, com estudos de casos que contem a história toda: como foi que a loja, a panificadora, a farmácia do bairro surgiram? E a consultoria do Jefferson? O Mistralis do Felipe e da Karen? Resolvi virar uma contadora de histórias, mas pra isso vou precisar da ajuda de vocês. Contem as suas ou as histórias de outros conhecidos. Prometo postá-las aqui e até traduzi-las, já que esse é um blog internacional!...; )


Langston Hughes

O que acontece quando se adia um sonho?

Ele seca...

como uma passa ao sol?

Ou inflama, como um machucado -

E então purga?

Ele fede como carne podre?

Ou cria uma crosta açucarada -

como um doce açucarado?

Talvez apenas pese

Como uma carga pesada.

Ou explode?

domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

Skills and Competencies

In an English class, we were discussing the difference in meaning of Skills and Competencies. After some research, we realized that the best explanation would contrast the ability concept (skills) with knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) which would sum up behaviors able to translate the so desired "competencies".
Every day employees face decisions to be taken and have to count on their intuition (knowledge enhanced by their experience), skills and attitude (persistence, risk tolerance, internal locus of control, ...) that will be evaluated by employes and audits . Is it correct to say that the competencies desired by most companies are entrepreneurial ones? And what is in fact being done by educational institutions to meet this demand?

"nenhum vencedor acredita no acaso." Friedrich Nietzsche

" As pessoas me perguntam se posso dizer-lhes como fazer para que seus sonhos se tornem realidade. Minha resposta e: façam-no por meio do seu trabalho." Walt Disney

terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

Dreaming, Rehearsing and Acting

We used to think that success comes from dreaming first, then establishing the strategic plan. Well, these steps depend on one another. Only dreaming doesn't bring accomplishment and planning requires passion as fundamental for its realization . A third step is necessary to shape an equilateral triangle, though, and that is action. I chose the triangle cause the three steps play equal importance and in this new landscape can not be considered a logical sequence anymore. It is a time when we are demanded to learn how to perform while dreaming....
Like an actor in the film of his life, a successful entrepreneur is the one who dreams, rehearses and acts, apparently all at the same time.


segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

The path

An entrepreneur faces different life perceptions at the various stages of the path. At half way, anxiety turns into a mild restless and this is because we realize there is not endless time left. Life is short and it can be sweet for certain. It depends on us and our choices. You can be either at the top of your own company or in the pursue of your best profession accomplishment you will wish for more, and get conscious of your inner strength as well as what serves you and what doesn't. Again, the searcher at the very beginning of the path.

segunda-feira, 26 de abril de 2010

Of Dreams and Dragons.....

Everybody has dreams and ideas. Some are ideas that become dreams,
some are illusions, challenges which are feasible or not. It does not
matter how they are born but what we can do of them. I call mine
dragons, as powerful and threatening, glamorous and charming dragons
can be. Who hasn't fallen for "The last one" in Sean Connery's voice?
Whatever the case, fighting against them is always a mistake. Fire and
smoke... strength and power... they can crush you without warning.
Surrender is not that good either. You can spend a whole life waiting
to see them fly in all their glory and die without any glimpse of it.
The smell of the smoke, the uncomfortable presence of the unknown. The
best solution is to tame the beast. Have you ever imagined yourself
being able to fly the highest skies and being able to see the wonders
of the conquered land?

Two weeks ago, John Carpenter, a friend, recommended me a book called "The Dream Manager", by Matthew Kelly. It is about "thinking" your employees, about commitment and relevance. But it is, most of all, about people and their dreams. It's been ages working and talking to and about people, their uniqueness, source of teachers' and bosses' inspiration and desperation, so different they are! People hold different universes inside: undeniable truth! And if an opportunity to make dreams possible is made available, commitment can be forged. I know skepticism and comfort zone walk together, but having an educator's heart, I keep saying: people are fascinating and able of changing - yes, they are! We cannot make other people's jobs, and motivation is one-self's responsibility, but we can offer opportunities and consulting.
Some sentences from the book:
"The employees know things about our business that we don't know."

"Isn't one of the primary responsibilities of all relationships to help each other fulfill our dreams?"

"Help your employees in the direction of their dreams and you will create the most dynamic environment in Corporate America!"
"Don't be afraid to take a big step if it is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."

Well, let's manage dreams!!!