segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2012

Interpreter work in New York and Boston

I spent two weeks in USA last month due to some interpreter work for Amcham. It was great experience to participate in the "How to do Business and Invest in Brazil" seminars. The one in New York was hold at Harvard Club and the one in Boston at  The Exchange Conference Center , opened by the Massachusetts Governor.Our economic situation has called the attention worldwide and new initiatives have been taken to help the understanding and communication between the two countries. Brazil offers great opportunities of investment. There is a lot to be built in terms of infrastructure, like roads, airports, sanitation. After that, Charlotte (North and South Carolina region) delegation came to Curitiba to Brazil to present their region for possible businesses and investments too. I am very proud of being part of all this process with my colleagues from On The Road. We translated their book and worked as interpreters in the event in Curitiba. Great experience!