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19th of September, 2014 ... And it was a NO

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The moment I woke up today I turned on BBC to know what had happened. They are four hours ahead and I knew the results would be on. I posted the news after reading about some of the political changes and repercussions. Thinking about my ancestors  - My grandma was Armstrong, an English family with likelihood of Scottish roots - about all the history I had learned in my last trip and the love I have always had for London I did not feel happy nor sad.  

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(Armstrong Tartan)

Scots will always be Scots as much as English will always be English. They are different countries and different cultures. For the YES holders, even if feeling defeated, should keep proud of their origins and their uniqueness​, it is not something that can be taken from them.  Easy for me to say? Probably yes, but this feeling grew stronger after walking the Highlands, mirroring in the Lochs, listening to the music, observing the paths and patterns… lovely Scotland!

quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2014

The Yes / No Eve...

Just the night before the great decision!!! Have a look at this video and appreciate English humour with John Oliver! He tries to show the two sides of the story and pleades Scots to stay!
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Empreendedorismo e Estratégia Educacional: YES or NO for GB?

Empreendedorismo e Estratégia Educacional: YES or NO for GB?: Scottish are facing a big dilemma: to remain or not remain part of the Great Britain! ( British paper about the Queen’s position o...

YES or NO for GB?

Scottish are facing a big dilemma: to remain or not remain part of the Great Britain!

( British paper about the Queen’s position on the subject)  

Being in Scotland and England for this short period of two weeks allowed me to witness this historical moment closely. Should Scotland depart from the Great Britain? One should study history to understand the memories and foundations of a YES for a bit more than 50% of the votes according to the surveys. It is difficult to say what will happen as there are also the undecided voters. A Brazilian friend of mine who has lived and worked for more than 10 years in London told me: "I would not like them to go..." And this seems to be the way English are feeling.
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There is a bond, anyway. For me, I would say they are very different and alike at the same time. I know it is a strange thing to say, but that is exactly how I feel. I understand the reasons, but GB has a glamour of its own. Whatever the case, and because it is a classic case of  "unsolved business" I just hope understanding and history make the ends meet.

quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2014

While organizing the retrospective posts the clock is ticking and the events don’t stop. Last week I had the opportunity to work with simultaneous translation for the Latin American Timberland Investment Conference in Rio de Janeiro. it. was tough work, different accents, different subjects every half an hour. Challenging and rich both in knowledge as well as networking. Planted forests, green and brownfield investments, native forest preservation. How can humankind balance development, survival and environment preservation? It is a matter of knowledge and common sense, and it seems to be possible. While the sun shone outside, there we were, working in our booths. Learning, of course... What made it worth...

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(view from the hall windows, where the conference auditoriums are set)

The Conference happened on 25th and 26th of August, where many panels and presentations focused on global market trends. The conference gathered several different enterprises to discuss about the different perspectives for Timberland investments in South America, specially in Brazil. Agribusiness was a matter of discussion too.

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For this important event I counted on Danuza Corradine Knuth's support, one of our translators/ interpreters. She lives in Chicago nowadays and has participated in many of On The Road's events since the early 2000s, helping with Copel Araucaria translations, The Appreciative Inquiry and African Delegations to mention but a few.

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(Danuza and I)