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On The Road – Business Communication Center – promotes their new “Work-sharing Project, a co-working evolution. In a modern and singular environment, startups, business people and free lancers can book free sessions of 30 to 40 minutes on Strategic planning/mentorship every Friday from 8:30 to 12:00pm. In this new concept, people share their knowledge to create and develop new ideas.  And even more: practice English and book meeting rooms with interpreters for many languages.
Schedule a session – 3387-7007

A On The Road - Business Communication Center – abre seu espaço para desenvolvimento de um novo projeto:       “Work-sharing”. O conceito é  uma evolução do co-working. Além de contar com o espaço moderno e diferenciado, startups, empresários e profissionais liberais podem agendar sessões de 30 a 40 minutos em mentorship e consultoria estratégica gratuita todas as sextas das 8h30 às 12h e trabalhar num ambiente onde mentes criativas emprestam seus conhecimentos para a criação e o desenvolvimento de novas ideias. E mais, praticar inglês e agendar salas para reuniões com intérpretes em vários idiomas.
Agende seu horário pelo telefone 3387-7007 ou pelo e-mail

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On The Road Business Communication - BCCenter

"On The Road Business Communication - BCCenter offers educational support to students, business people and companies to become the entrepreneurs of their own lives."

Personal and Professional Strategic Plans
Work Sharing
Young Leader Program
Language Training

In October On The Road Business Communication Center - BCCenter recorded its first interview from the series "How to be the entrepreuner of your own life" based on a concept and course being developed at On The Road.
The people interviewed are successful professionals who are either involved in a business partnership with us or are participating in one of the Consulting, mentoring, language or work sharing program.

Cassia Cassitas has developed her career in Technology. She has worked in large Brazilian and International companies, participated in innovative projects and the prospection of new technology along with her academic life.
As a professor, was part of many High Educational Institutions; as a student, specialised in Information Engineering, Didactics in University Instruction, Philosophy and Existentialism. Nowadays, Cassia is a French and English student and participates in seminars and lectures. She is also a mother of two adolescents who are book worms.
She published her first book, Domingo O Jogo in 2010, then reaching the top rank of the e-book best sellers in Brazil. In 2011, launched the version in English, “Sunday the Game”.
In 2012, published her first novel Fortuna A Saga da Riqueza, about the prosperity of four generations, being the climax the American Housing Bubble. In 2013, launched the English version “Saga of Wealth” and the second edition of Fortuna A Saga da Riqueza.
Traveling around the world and through her books, Cassia Cassitas lives in Curitiba with her family, her dreams and her books.