domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

Skills and Competencies

In an English class, we were discussing the difference in meaning of Skills and Competencies. After some research, we realized that the best explanation would contrast the ability concept (skills) with knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) which would sum up behaviors able to translate the so desired "competencies".
Every day employees face decisions to be taken and have to count on their intuition (knowledge enhanced by their experience), skills and attitude (persistence, risk tolerance, internal locus of control, ...) that will be evaluated by employes and audits . Is it correct to say that the competencies desired by most companies are entrepreneurial ones? And what is in fact being done by educational institutions to meet this demand?

"nenhum vencedor acredita no acaso." Friedrich Nietzsche

" As pessoas me perguntam se posso dizer-lhes como fazer para que seus sonhos se tornem realidade. Minha resposta e: façam-no por meio do seu trabalho." Walt Disney